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When They

Love Moon and Stars.



ONE LINE SKETCH because we design

conceptual weddings

we have ARCHITECTURAL vision

GRID for the rigurous planning

connecting all those DOTS

MINIMALISM because SIMPLICITY is perfection

and we never forget that LESS IS MORE

SYMMETRY that comforts us

GOLDEN ACCENTS for an elegant, premium approach

FLUID COLOR SPOTS for all the emotions in our weddings
and all those little DETAILS that make our weddings about THEM and not just some other weddings


They are architects and they wanted to celebrate their love in an industrial venue with some courageous colors. Neon colors. We designed a concept using elements that they like: plexiglass, concrete, neon led elements, all minimally combined without overdoing it. 


"We are in the Universe and the Universe is in us". This is the quote that started their story, under the constellation Lepus. All the details were about them from personalized sky charts for each guest to having their first dance on rollerblades. 


They are Star Wars fans, in love with rock music and had their civil ceremony in Vegas with the one and [not] only Elvis. They wanted a relaxed, outdoor, whimsical wedding and so we designed - from welcoming shots to midnight french fries snack and a perfect dance near the lake.

Sorana Planned Both

Her Weddings.

Obviously we have lots of architects' weddings. And we enjoy them a lot! Ioana wanted a Fab Wedding just like her but minimalist and fun just like her husby.  In a marvelous scenery, on a hill, we had an autumn golden wedding with awesome invites and major fun. 



Let's talk some more:


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0744.224.286 | SORANA


Their hometown is in Vrancea, a well known wine-growing area. She has a thing for little golden details so we integrated grapes and lovely shades with sparkling accents in their big, elegant wedding. We remained friends and we also made a team when they were godparents.